Friday, April 28, 2006

The Rancor of love (part two)

Well, the huge annoying sound it made was actually it crying. It started to bang its huge fists on the ground. I looked at it with sadness, and deactivated my lightsaber. I went up to it. And I touched it. At first it didn't notice me, so I rubbed him, he was pretty slimy. It looked at me and it sniffed. It smiled (I think) and then spread its arms out as if to hug me. I gave in. The thing crushed me. It popped every bone in my back and arms. Then it dropped me. I felt better, like I just got out of the chiropractor's. I looked up at the jawas, and they started mumbling to eachother. One pulled out a gun. I whipped out my lightsaber again and ran to a barred gate blocking my exit. I slowly sliced through it. And when two bars were gone, I slipped out. As I was about to run away, I looked back. The beast was still sad and looked at me. I sighed and sliced the rest of the bars (twenty in all). After about ten minutes, the deed was done. I ran out with the rancor behind me. And then I forgot how I got on Tatooine in the first place... SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!
I am in a stupid hotel. Ya know... The one...



Blogger Happy Mask Saleswoman said...

A true heroine!
You may as well have some fun while you're there, I guess.

3:39 PM  
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