Sunday, November 27, 2005

My room stinks

Yep, my room stinks. You see, there was a whole bunch of droids coming in to the temple. So Yoda did something... Never go up to Bob the bantha and say "pickles" 'cause he farts. BIG TIME. Yoda led the droids to the parking garage and made the bantha fart on the droids. And my room is next to the parking garage, and my air vent leads to the garage. So now my room smells really bad! I hope the smell clears out before my christmas party I want to throw. If it does, I'm gonna invite everyone over. I have been spraying a lot of air freshner. But I am getting kinda dizzy after spraying so much. I think I should open a window. Bye for now!


Saturday, November 26, 2005

Clean Slate

I just got a message from Yoda. He basically told me that my blog was un-family friendly, and I obsess too much about attention. Im gonna wipe my slate clean and not post vulgar things anymore. And this is not because I want to appear on his site, just that this is unmorral for me to be writing this. I don't care that I am not getting front page on Google, or any of that stuff. I am just going to make funny stuff that everyone can enjoy!